Still got time

I'm just trying to figure my life out and I thought this might help...

Woke up at 450 this morning to hike up to humpback rock and watch the sunrise with my best friend from high school. There’s just something about Shenandoah that makes everything seem okay.


Murder weapons, Ed James


Symmetry by Siavash-G - Lets take a trip up to the sky

We must reckon with the fact that pop culture really likes to be agreeable along with its thrills. It likes to say yes, and makes endless conciliations to do so. It is safer to say yes. Yes can be deeply pleasurable. History is made by those who say no.
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The trouble with pop. Or, as Bertrand Russell put it in his 10 timeless commandments for learning and life“Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.”

Pair with this illuminating read on why being universally liked ensures mediocrity, not greatness

(HT The Paris Review)

I decided to use my spare time between meetings and speakers to watch a sermon I had missed about difficult people from church of the highlands and this was the conversation I had with my mom about it. Don’t worry boys still single ✌️

It is heavenly to work until I am tired… [After dinner] I usually return to my solitude, happy to have been in good company, happy to leave it.
— 出典:The Architecture of Bliss – artist Anne Truitt on the perfect daily routine and how good parenting shapes our capacity for savoring solitude  (via explore-blog)